5G contract awarded to Tech4i2 & partners
- Oct 8, 2015

The emergence of a new generation of integrated communication systems under 5G, the Fifth Generation (5G) of Communications Systems and Services, should be the central element to achieving ubiquitous broadband access, which is itself at the core of the Digital Agenda for Europe. 

Therefore the European Commission has comissioned Tech4i2, InterDigital, Trinity College Dublin and Real Wireless to undertake a study to provide a fundamental quantitative socio-economic bases for stakeholders to plan the critical phases for the introduction of 5G. The study has five main goals:

A. Identification of the most likely usage patterns/traffic scenarios and related “ecosystems”, and estimating the main potential economic aspects;
B. Mapping the market/application scenarios into key data to support technological requirements;
C. Understanding spectrum challenges and expected new spectrum needs;
D. Future Industrial Opportunities;
E. Assessment of societal and other policy issues.

Two workshops will be hosted in by the European Commission in late September and October, more information to follow.