Dock 2 innovation study
- Oct 8, 2015

Tech4i2 has been awarded a contract by Leicester City Council to undertake an independent demand study for a new development located in Leicester’s Pioneer Park.

Pioneer Park is Leicester’s research and technology business area that began development in 2013 when Dock, a 54 unit business centre specifically for knowledge economy businesses, opened. Dock has been a highly successful start for Pioneer Park. Following on from this success (75% occupied) and to support its tenants with their growth plans the City Mayor has commissioned work to begin a development with the working title of Dock 2.

This study aims to establish the current nature and level of demand and supply of business premises in Leicestershire. This assessment will be informed by discussions/surveys with a representative sample of both target SMEs and relevant intermediaries, and a review of relevant research. Our results will be used to inform the development of the project and provide an evidence base to support it.