5G Workshop - Verticals
- Oct 8, 2015

Tech4i2, InterDigital, Trinity College Dublin and Real Wireless recently hosted a workshop at the European Commission’s premises in Brussels on the 22nd September. Over 50 experts attended to share their views and opinions on a range of verticals, their contribution towards our study is greatly appreciated and our gratitude goes out to all attendees, we hope to see you again at the next workshop on the 19th October.

5G is a topic of great strategic importance in Europe.  However, much of the debate to date is driven from a technology perspective and not from the perspective of the verticals that will increasingly be using networks of the future.

The first workshop was an interactive event with the majority of time devoted to discussion between attendees about key 5G verticals.  Small group discussions focused on automotive, utilities, transport and healthcare verticals. 

In the morning, small group discussions focused on the opportunities for each vertical offered by 5G, the drivers that will stimulate change and the requirements to effectively utilise 5G.  Afternoon small group vertical discussions further developed 5G needs, identified barriers to change and identify uncertainties that could restrict development.

Results from the 22nd September workshop will be utilised at the aforementioned workshop which will examine 5G socio-economic impacts and user requirements in homes, workplaces, cities and non-urban areas.


If you are interested in attending the next workshop please contact Kevin Driscoll at 5gworkshop2@tech4i2.com

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Some pictures from the event are available below