5G Workshop - Environments
- Oct 21, 2015

Tech4i2, InterDigital, Trinity College Dublin and Real Wireless recently hosted their second workshop at the European Commission’s premises in Brussels on the 19th October. Thank you to all attendees of our two workshops for the input and insights you have given us.

5G is a topic of great strategic importance in Europe.  However much of the debate to date is driven purely from a technology perspective and not from the viewpoint of the environments that will increasingly be using these networks in the future.

The second workshop was an interactive event with a mix of presentations and small interactive group sessions.  A range of experts and stakeholders came together to help to identify important wireless requirements in the four ‘environments’ and investigate the key areas where 5G technologies can have the greatest socio-economic impact.

The presentations outlined the preliminary results of the first workshop on the key verticals whilst the small group discussions focused on four key environments; smart cities, smart homes, smart workplaces and non-urban areas.

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