Dock 2 Study Completion
- Oct 28, 2015

Tech4i2 has recently completed an independent demand study for Leicester City Council concerning a new development and to aid in the design and planning of the project. The linked document below contains an overview of the key results from the study.

This study established the current demand and supply of business premises in Leicestershire. It also provides recommendations on the characteristics of the new workspaces such as the services and facilities provided to units. All results are supported by a solid evidence base gathered by our own research and interviews with various stakeholders. Interviewees include potential tenants of the new development, representatives from organisations such as Leicester City Council and the LLEP, innovation centre, and local property agents.

Part of the study involved a market analysis of business accommodation in Leicester between July and October 2015.  Tech4i2 is currently considering continuing this research and extend the study to other cities (Derby, Nottingham, Northampton and Loughborough) in the East Midlands. If you are interested in receiving these business market updates in the future do not hesitate to contact us at