B-DAY: Broadband 2020 and Beyond
- Nov 17, 2015

Tech4i2 representatives attended B-DAY, a two-day event (16th - 17th November) including the European Broadband Award ceremony and the Broadband 2020 and Beyond Conference. 

Günther H. Oettinger, the Commissioner responsible for the Digital Economy and Society, presented the European Broadband Awards in the prestigious Solvay Library Brussels. The awards aim to highlight 5 exemplary projects and use cases from around Europe. The exchange of good practices is seen as an important step in achieving the 2020 broadband targets set out in the Digital Agenda; Tech4i2 was part of the team that supported the development of this Agenda. Important targets include 100% coverage of 30mbps broadband and 50% household penetration of 100Mbps services.

The second day of the event was a conference exploring the 2020 targets, other future digital needs and the actions necessary to achieve these. The event featured keynotes, round tables for discussion between IT experts from various sectors, and an interactive session to ‘crowd source’ ideas on delivering broadband to rural areas. Keynote speakers were Günther H. Oettinger (the Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society), Phil Hogan (Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development) and M. Markkula (President of the Committee of the Regions).


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