Future Devices SIG and Skyscape Cloud Services Conferences
- Dec 2, 2015

Tech4i2 representatives recently attended two events, both held on Thursday 26th November in London, UK. The details and links for these events are shown below along with a brief description of the agenda of each.


Smart-Phone vs Smart-Thing - A Future Devices Special Interest Group Workshop

This event hosted at Mathys and Squire’s offices in the The Shard building asked whether anything can disrupt the inexorable march of the smartphone, as smartphones, tablets and cloud have managed to disrupt the once unshakable PC market. Simon Moffatt (Solutions Director, ForgeRock), Andrzej Wieczorek (Business Development Manager, Tieto), Neil Garner (CEO & Founder, Proxama) and Patrick Levy Rosenthal (Founder & CEO Emoshape) all delivered talks on how our future digital environment can be expected to evolve and the consequences therein.

Click here for the presentations from this event. 


How cloud can help deliver digital health - A Skyscape Cloud Services seminar

This seminar dealt with the fact that healthcare providers are being challenged to deliver a more informed and more efficient service to patients. It looked at the clinical research and analytics that underpins many of the advances that improve healthcare services and how the adoption of new technology (i.e. cloud and data sharing) is being used to accelerate the research and deliver digital health services. The seminar featured talks from John Clarke (CTO of Cydar Ltd.) and Joanna Smith (CIO, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust) on the topics:

  • How and why the market is seeking a change in the way they buy and consume ICT
  • The ever-changing landscape of Information Governance in healthcare and how to successfully negotiate this
  • How can suppliers collaborate to deliver service to the UK Healthcare market and how does this benefit buyers

Click here to download the presentation from this event.