Liz Kendall Visits Dock
- Apr 4, 2016

On Friday afternoon Liz Kendall, Leicester West MP, visited Dock to talk to local SME's and hear their views about the upcoming EU referendum being held on Thursday 23rd June. The discussion covered what businesses currently feel about leaving/remaining in the EU, and how either possible result would impact the tenants at Dock. The creation of Dock was itself part funded by the EU through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Tech4i2 Director Professor Paul Foley remarked that 'through working with the European Commission Tech4i2 have observed the benefits of trade and technology agreements that the EU has negotiated with the rest of the world'.  Professor Foley also discussed with Liz Kendall during her visit the fact that the UK outside the EU would not be able to negotiate such favourable terms for UK companies to trade in global markets.

The event was also featured in the Leicester murcury, see here for more.