Licence Exempt frequency bands report published
- Jun 28, 2016

The European Commission has recently released the final documents of the Licence Exempt Project, formally known as Identification of the market for radio equipment operating in licence-exempt frequency bands to assess medium and long-term spectrum usage densities SMART 2014/0012. The study undertaken by Tech4i2 and Real Wireless will enable a better understanding of the use of harmonised licence-exempt frequency bands by different categories of radio equipment regulated under EU law.

Desk research, workshops and consultation with vendors and other experts was undertaken to estimate the quantity of radio equipment between 2015 and 2030.  This estimated that there are 1.14 billion licence-exempt devices in EU28 Member States in 2015.  This is forecast to rise to 75.38 billion in 2030.  The study developed detailed usage scenarios to analyse four environments:  the Smart Home, the Smart Office, the Industrial Plant and the Transport Hub.

All documents can be accessed via the EU Bookshop, click here for more.
The Commission’s own press release can be found here.