Blockchain study published by the European Commission
- May 15, 2020

Our study on blockchain has been published by the European Commission. The report can be found at

Many commentators have asserted that blockchain will contribute to economic growth and foster local social development. This Study, undertaken with SparkLegal and Datarella, fills a major void in blockchain research by forecasting the qualitative and quantitative socio-economic benefits of blockchain.

Tech4i2 led economic and forecasting research to develop a probable scenario if Europe can maximise the benefits of blockchain. Forecasts have adopted conservative estimates and all assumptions are clearly presented to enable transparency. Forecasts were shared with more than 200 global experts using Delphi methods to validate and/or adjust predictions to more accurately reflect the views of blockchain professionals.

Delphi participants estimated blockchain expenditure of between €10.06 billion and €10.98 billion in 2030. Participants also estimated there would be up to 102 million blockchain supported smart contract intra-EU transactions for goods in 2030.